Andrew Brinkworth

Andrew is a Jack of all trades and joined RITMAN in 2003. Andrew was born in Wales, United Kingdom in 1959. He met his wife, Jennifer, in 2001, moved to Noblesville, Indiana in 2002 and married her in 2003. He is a Veteran of the Falklands War in 1982 and also saw action in Northern Ireland while serving in the Queen's Guard. He served his country in the Welsh Guards for over 10 years. He became a Detective in the British Police for 16 years and retired in 2007. He was a successful soccer coach here in Indiana before focusing his attention full time with Ritman.

His hobbies include Golf, Soccer, Rugby, Skiing and almost every other sport there is.  Andrew enjoys spending a lot of time with their four rescued dogs. He also enjoys amateur photography. His family, including his two children ages 23 and 27, visits the USA often and spends a lot of time in Noblesville.

317.770.3004, ext. 107