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Why do you need Professional Liability Insurance?

As a boutique insurance agency, RITMAN specializes in all things property and casualty with an emphasis on professional liability insurance for lawyers. We provide insurance solutions for professionals, businesses, and individuals. You take pride in what you do. So do we.    Why do you need Professional Liability Insurance? Ensure your ability to make a living Protecting your business and personal assets To make your client whole should you or a staff member make a ...

May 1st, 2017: Law Day

Today is known as Law Day. It is a day of observance that originated in 1957 when President Charles Rhyne of the American Bar Association wanted a way to celebrate the US legal system. The following year, US President Dwight Eisenhower officially established Law Day by issuing a proclamation. It is now an annual tradition for each President to issue a Law Day proclamation on May 1st. The theme for this year's Law Day is The 14th Amendment: Transforming American Democracy. To learn m...

Collection of Fees

Clients frequently ask us: "Can we sue for fees?" While we don't encourage suing for fees, we know that lawyers should not be ‘shut out' of availing themselves of the courts to be paid on contractual obligations. Before you sue for fees, follow these guidelines: First, review the file for any potential legal malpractice in the representation (or actions that could be in good faith claimed to be malpractice) that could defeat the fee claim. Have another lawyer in ...