Ritman Insurance Insights

Ritman Insurance Insights

The Top 10 Malpractice Traps

Posted 9:30 PM

1. Malpractice Insurance (RITMAN Insurance)Missing deadlines

  • Utilize dual calendars
  • Proper date calculations
  • Cross-check

2. Conflicts of interest and matter

  • Representation of both parties
  • Personal involvement with a client's business
  • Proper ID at engagement

3. Poor client relations

  • Have clear and timely communication
  • Clear engagement/declination letters
  • Clear expectations up-front

4. Ineffective client screening

  • Thorough intake process
  • Conflict check with other firm members
  • Prior representation?
  • Go with your GUT! Ineffective client screening

5. Inadequate research and investigation

  • Case outside your jurisdiction
  • Dabbling in unfamiliar area of law?
  • Not gathering all of the facts

6. Inappropriate involvement in client interests

  • Personal relationships
  • Stock or equity in lieu of legal fees

7. Overzealous pursuit of legal fees

  • Any pursuit of past due fee is overzealous

8. Stress and substance abuse

  • Overworked, depression
  • Don't ignore - seek help - peers pay attention!

9. Thinking you will never be sued!

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