New client or old, it’s all about loyalty.

In our business, experience counts.

The year was 1988 and Jennifer Ritman was selling computer systems to insurance organizations. Ritman didn't plan on making a career out of the insurance business. As fate would have it, one of her prospective clients was a retail agency owned by Brougher Insurance Company. The sales pitch for the computer didn't result in a sale, but the president did like her presentation. Ultimately, he offered Jennifer a job as a producer.

The insurance agency sold liability insurance to several classes of professionals, including real estate agents and title agents. Jennifer gravitated toward the legal field, finding the lawyers she worked with interesting, patient and professional. If they asked a question for which she didn't have the answer, she confessed as much but told them she would get one. This same candor and honesty would later serve as the hallmark traits of Ritman & Associates.

After less than a year with her new employer, the agency changed ownership. For Jennifer, however, the circumstances became a fortuitous opportunity, and she decided the time was right to start her own business.

It wasn’t luck that got us here.

In the beginning, Ritman's company was strictly a bare-bones operation. The "office" was a walk-in closet in Jennifer’s home. As for work essentials, hers included voice mail, a cell phone, a post office box, some letterhead and a few heavily leveraged credit cards.

Hard work, a passion for professional liability insurance and a contact list of satisfied clients from her time with Brougher Insurance ultimately gave Ritman's company the jumpstart it needed.

Inspired by strong Midwest values that took root over two decades ago, the once-fledgling business has grown into a multimillion-dollar insurance agency with a national presence throughout the Midwest. The company’s primary focus is lawyers’ professional liability insurance, with clients ranging from sole practitioners to firms with as many as 200-plus attorneys who are involved in every conceivable type of legal practice — and we are honored to be endorsed by the Indiana State Bar Association

In addition, Ritman & Associates insures real-estate agents, title agents, engineers, architects and accountants, as well as other professionals. We are constantly expanding, recently including a complete line of personal insurance to better protect our clients. The company also maintains a growing book of business liability and property insurance.

One policy does not fit all professionals.

We don't try to fit square pegs into a round hole. By the same token, we don't filter everyone into one company or program. Unlike many of our competitors, Ritman & Associates represents multiple insurance companies, some of which are exclusive to us,

says Jennifer Ritman, president and founder of Ritman.

Lawyers can take comfort in the fact that the Ritman approach gives clients options,

she adds.

We provide three or four companies for you to choose from, and our job is to explain the differences, whether major or subtle, of those options. Then, you decide: Are you buying price or are you buying coverage? The bottom line: professionals who buy liability insurance from Ritman know they're getting the best coverage options possible because we custom fit the LPLI coverage to their needs, not the other way around.