Other Liability Insurance

Vast experience in personal and professional coverage.

The proper insurance portfolio is a critical piece to any successful business.  Consultants, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, inspectors, investigators, dentists and computer technicians are a few examples of professions that RITMAN can assist in securing coverage. 

Why do you need Professional Liability Insurance?

  • Ensure your ability to make a living
  • Protecting your business and personal assets
  • To make your client whole should you or a staff member make a mistake
  • Your contracts may require it
  • To protect your professional license or designation
  • You are not judgment proof
  • Coverage for both nuisance and legitimate claims

Why should you buy from RITMAN?

  • Our knowledge
  • Our experience insuring professionals across a wide spectrum of industries
  • Our access to multiple markets
  • Our desire and ability to educate
  • Our passion to get it right

Single most misunderstood aspect of Professional Liability policies?

  • How claims made policies REALLY work—Contact us. We can help!